Prototyping a new trade union offer

(Original p22, Shaping Our Digital Future)
  • Low expectations: Young core workers don’t identify as having problems at work. If anything they consider themselves fortunate. It’s common for them to say “I have to be at work half an hour unpaid every day for briefings and debriefings, but overall I’m treated fairly.”
  • A lack of trust: There are very low levels of trust between colleagues in workplaces where young core workers work. It’s common to hear “I could never talk to a colleague about a shared issue — they’d be straight behind my back to the boss and then I’d be in trouble.”
  • A sense of futility: When young core workers have tried to change things in the past nothing has happened. It’s common to hear “Why would I put my neck on the line to try and change something if it’s never going to get better anyway?”
  • ‘Job progression’ — offering tools to help young workers plan their working lives and develop themselves
  • ‘People like me’ — peer support, venting and humorous content to engage young workers in thinking about solving problems at work
  • Control — tools related to problems at work, like salary checkers and rights information




TUC head of campaigns & comms. South-east Londoner.

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Antonia Bance

Antonia Bance

TUC head of campaigns & comms. South-east Londoner.

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